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An experience you won’t soon forget! Discover how Michael can make your event unforgettable by adding Interactive Strolling Magic or an edge of your seat Stage Performance. Scroll down to learn more…
Discover how professional Virtual Magician, Michael Bourada can perform an amazing online magic show that will excite and astonish your friends and colleagues during meetings, happy hours or friendly get togethers. His show can be performed on Zoom, Teams, Google, Webex and many other platforms.

With recent virtual performances for Adobe, Google, Shopify, Amazon, Pfizer, Pinterest and many more, Michael will bring amazing interactive entertainment to your next virtual event. Scroll down to learn more and watch video; you can also use the form to have further details sent to you or BOOK A FREE DEMO!

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Transforming Teams - One Show At A Time!

Are you ready to turn your next team building event into an unforgettable experience?


Michael Bourada isn’t your ordinary magician – he’s a catalyst for collaboration and connection. With his thrilling illusions and captivating charisma, he brings teams together like never before. Imagine your colleagues’ faces lighting up as they witness mind-blowing feats and astonishing moments, all while learning valuable lessons in communication, trust, and creativity.


Michael doesn’t just perform; he engages and empowers. Through interactive demonstrations and group activities, he encourages active participation and fosters a sense of unity among participants. From mind reading to mesmerizing illusions, every moment with Michael is designed to spark conversation, inspire innovation, and strengthen team dynamics.


So, why settle for a typical team building event when you can elevate it to new heights with Michael Bourada? Shows can be presented in-person or virtually; inquire today and unlock the secrets to a more cohesive, motivated, and inspired team. Get ready to experience the magic of teamwork like never before!


In addition to the gasps, wonder and loads of laughs, Michael will work with you to customize your evening and most importantly, make it memorable. Experience the difference and why so many companies trust Michael to deliver a captivating performance.

Strolling Magic & Mentalism

Consider having your guests truly captivated during cocktails, waiting for meals, appreciation days, gala ceremonies, banquets, corporate seminars/retreats, trade shows, office events and so much more.
Every event needs entertainment and Strolling Magic & Mentalism is the ultimate solution to help create a “WOW” factor for your guests. You’ll know it’s a success by the laughter and buzz that Michael immediately generates!Rather than perform in front of your full group simultaneously, Michael seamlessly blends in and out of small groups showcasing intimate and impossible close-up magic and mind-blowing mental feats! It makes for a great ice-breaker.
The approach is non-invasive, low-key and Michael’s charm and ability to engage your guests is magic in itself!
In addition to the gasps, wonder and loads of laughs, Michael will work with you to customize your evening and most importantly, make it unforgettable. Experience the difference and why so many groups trust Michael to dazzle their guests!

Trusted By The Biggest Corporations!

Some recent satisfied clients include…

Why choose Michael?


Trust Experience

Entertainment is an art, entertaining is a skill – trust a professional. Michael has over 20 years experience and has performed for some of the biggest names in the corporate world. He is also an award-winning entertainer!



In a world where a lot of people are the same, Michael’s presentation is unmatched and unique. He performs thrilling magic and mind-blowing mental feats; presentations sure to capture the imagination of your guests.



He has different show options and lengths that can meet your desired needs. His show and script can be altered to your specific requirement.


Award Winning

Michael is an award-winning entertainer and has also been nominated for Canadian Entertainer of the Year.

Adaptability To Amaze Any Audience

Through 20+ years of experience and due to the varying demands of being a performer for many different types of events, Mike has learned to become a ‘versatile’ performer, ensuring he can engage and entertain audiences of any size.

He has performed over 4000 shows, completed 5 national tours, seen in 6 different countries and been featured on major television networks across North America. He performs at over 250 events annually.

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Performed Shows
National Tours

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